Dreyfus Corporation offers valuation services and valuation opinions to private companies and their boards of directors, special committees, fiduciaries, investment funds, and financial sponsors. Our advisors combine their transactional experience with their sophisticated knowledge and expertise to apply different valuation methodologies and to arrive at the most consistent and reliable valuation results.

Our advisors and consultants work in concert with accounting firms, underwriters, and that rely on our valuation opinions to supplement their internal valuation processes. Clients benefit from the senior-level attention, in-depth industry expertise, and the strength of our consultants’ and advisors’ transaction experience in M&A and debt financing markets. In every case, Dreyfus Corporation generates thoughtful and well-supported valuations and opinions that comply with the applicable reporting standards and that can withstand the harshest third-party scrutiny.

Our specific valuation services include “Fair Value” financial reporting (ASC 820 / FAS 157), tax or corporate valuations, assessments of management stock compensation plans, analysis of capital structures and strategic alternatives, transaction opinions, and valuations for related party or ESOP transactions.

Dreyfus Corporation is a direct provider of certain specific services. Dreyfus Corporation reserves the right to refer inquiries for some services to third parties that are licensed or registered to provide those services where licensing or registration may be required by the laws of the applicable jurisdictions in which those services are offered. Dreyfus Corporation provides its services fully in accordance with applicable laws, rules, and regulations of all jurisdictions in which it conducts business or otherwise engages in transactions with contracting counterparts, either directly to the extent that an obligation, exemption, or exclusion for licensure applies, or otherwise through third-party licensees.