Dreyfus Corporation was built on a basic but revolutionary principle that an investment company should always be investor focused, first and foremost. We believe in always delivering peak value with a high touch approach. Our client interaction is focused on value driven engagements with clients where each appointment is for the benefit of the client, not the “transaction”. Dreyfus Corporation’s philosophy was designed to rebel against the outdated norm. Our revolutionary investment model, the intentional dissolution of transaction-centric investing, translates to more value for the client. We’ve eliminated business interactions that put owners and outside interests first. Instead, our investor-owned structure ensures that the clients are always the priority.

We are proud to claim our revolutionary high touch approach. Dreyfus Corporation’s success is your success.


No matter how you decide to structure your portfolio, you can be assured that our core principles color all that we do for our clients. Because we believe that Dreyfus Corporation’s success is your success, we employ long-term orientations that allow advisers to come away with a deep-rooted understanding of each client’s risk comfort, individual needs, and long-term goals. Low fees, a long-term orientation, and a focus on our clients’ dreams, are at the core of Dreyfus Corporation 's investing philosophy, and it’s not just “spin”. It’s a model woven into our brand mission and fundamental in the way we approach every interaction. Dreyfus Corporation understands that successful investing is never only transactional. Experience and track records count. However, including an understanding of the things that matter to you most, that ensures our best opportunity for investment success.


Dreyfus Corporation's mission is always, first and foremost about helping investors meet their goals. What does that mean? We provide access to advice and solutions that are not only delivered from the most sophisticated and senior professionals in the industry, but also individually tailored to your needs. Whether it’s delivered through advisers in-house or accessed through the support of global financial resources, we stay consistent in our belief that all our investors deserve trusted advisement that puts your interests above ours. Our success is your success.

With exclusive access to sophisticated solutions and by offering advice that meets all your needs, we aim to earn your trust and succeed in building your financial future.